The Elimination Round

It’s quite late over here in Asia, and I ought to be in bed, so I’ll make this brief.  According to the Ron Paul campaign, they control about 75% of the delegates. What I was unaware of, however, was the elimination round for the delegates.  Apparently, not everyone who volunteers to be a delegate will end up at the convention.  An article from the National Review carries a quote from campaign chairman Jesse Benton, wherein he states that the campaign is unconcerned about party backlash, should Ron Paul bring the majority of the delegates to the convention.  The campaign believes that “those who are most tuned in to the issues, most engaged in the process should be the ones selecting the nominee.”

I think it will be interesting to see how this will all play out, because it is far from over yet, and we have a few months left to go before the convention.  I’ll be interested to see if Paul maintains his landslide delegate lead over the other candidates.  If he does, well… This could be quite a surprising year for politics, indeed!

You can check out the article on the Paul campaign website here.

*Amendment to this article:

My friend brought it to my attention that Ron Paul has about 75% of the Minnesota delegates.  I implied that Paul has about 75% of the total delegates, which is completely incorrect.  Actually, nobody is 100% certain about how many delegates anyone has, since the delegate eliminations haven’t taken place.  Sorry for the bad reporting, folks!  That’ll teach me to blog when I can barely keep my eyes open!


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7 Responses to The Elimination Round

  1. says:

    I think the 75% stat is only for the Minnesota delegates, not overall. It would REALLY surprise me if Paul had 75% of the total delegates that have been chosen so far.

  2. You are totally right. I wrote this article at about 5am or something, and I don’t think my brain was accurately processing information. I will make an amendment to the article to reflect this. Thanks for the heads-up, Hollis!

  3. Mike says:

    Let’s say these are beauty contests so far. Things are always open to change as the convention draws closer. If someone drops out and nobody has a clear cut majority, all bets are off. Let’s hope for the best. At least Ron Paul is still in the debates despite the media bias and Fox news tricks. The message seems to resonate with the younger voters and military which is a promising sign. Keep up your vigil and remember your words do make a difference.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Mike! I think things are going to get “curiouser and curiouser” as the convention draws near. There have been a lot of rumors of Paul and Romney coming to some kind of agreement that would see Ron Paul as VP or some such thing. The Paul campaign has vehemently denied this. Lew Rockwell was on Alex Jones a day or two ago saying that he sincerely doubts that the Paul campaign is interested in coming to any deals with Romney at this juncture, as most Paul supporters would perceive major concessions as a “sellout,” which would be foolish when there is so much momentum for the movement. While Rockwell is no longer an official advisor to Paul, the two are close, so I believe that he knows what Ron Paul is thinking. They go waaaaay back.

      Doug Wead mentioned the Fed on the Maddow interview, so I think it’s very possible that they will try and finagle a way to get the Fed fully audited. That’s my two cents, although I could be completely and utterly wrong! In any case, thanks for keeping up with me! I appreciate all of my readers VERY MUCH!

  4. Mike says:

    I forgot to put a link in the correct place. Have a great day and keep on blogging!

  5. Mike says:

    You are more than welcome. Though, I might disagree about a sellout only because of the consistent stand Paul has maintained. What better way to keep the ear of a president than having a vice presidential candidate with the right set of views to keep the president honest in the future. Just my thought on it. Have a great day!

  6. I would agree with you, were the office of VP still used as an opposition to the president, which was the original intention of the founding fathers. Of course, we all know that’s not quite the case today! I definitely don’t think Paul’s a sellout! 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

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