Uplifting News

I just read an article in the Des Moines Register placing Ron Paul in second place for the Iowa caucuses, which are now just a few short weeks away.  Although the article once again fails to make mention of Dr. Paul, the proof is in the pudding: Paul is a viable candidate with a good shot at winning.  If you truly love liberty and hunger for change, get behind the only candidate who is pushing for it: Ron Paul!  No more wars!  No more endless debt!  No more unlimited presidential power!  Less government!


About The Lady Libertarian
I am American, currently expatriated but hopeful about getting back home one of these days. Besides reading and writing about politics, I enjoy camping, sailing, canoeing, making pie, and traveling. I hope you'll enjoy this blog and find it informative and accessible.

One Response to Uplifting News

  1. Beth says:

    Hooray for good news! 🙂

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