Ron and Rand Finally Speak Out

After over a week of near-silence from the Paul campaign since Rand’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.  Rand appeared on Peter Schiff’s radio show to explain his endorsement of Romney.  Ron made a video to talk to the supporters about the convention and the platform.  Frankly, it was nice to hear from Ron, since it feels like he’s been MIA, although people in the campaign have said that he’s exhausted and needed a break.  That’s understandable, since campaigning gets incredibly grueling, even for a younger man, but it would have been nice to see a video before now.

Let’s start with Schiff’s interview with Senator Paul.  He essentially explained what I, at least, have already known: the Pauls’ long-standing plan has been to infiltrate and change the Republican party from within.  I’m not sure how I feel about the senator’s reasoning, since he seems to be saying, alternately, that the endorsement of Romney means very little, but also that it signals that he’s willing to work with Romney on certain things.  He does explain that sometimes you can work with folks on certain things, even if you don’t agree with them on everything.  I understand that point quite well, but I still fail to see, if the endorsement is essentially toothless, how it can carry any real meaning, in terms of willingness to work with someone, president or otherwise.

But again, I should express that I understand the rationale behind what has been said and done here.  That’s not to say that I agree with it, because I’m not entirely sure that I do.  Part of me still believes that true change is only going to come from without.  But I could be wrong about that.  Goodness knows I’ve been wrong before.  I’m not, however, going to spew vitriol at Senator Paul for his decision.  I get why he did what he did, and for the record, I do think that he has a better record than most any other senator in Washington, although I still don’t get why he supported the NDAA.  Oh well.  He is absolutely right about one thing: you’ll never agree with anyone 100% of the time.  And wouldn’t it be dreadfully boring if we did?

As always, Dr Paul’s video sat better with me.  In spite of his “aw, shucks” demeanor, Paul the Elder has always held more appeal for me than his son.  It’s good to see him back.  He mostly talks about the convention.  He points out some things that Santorum has said about those “Paul people” and how we want to influence the platform.  Honestly, what in the world does one undertake a campaign for, if not to attempt to get elected and wield some influence?  I suppose there’s money… And power.  Anyway, I can’t stand Santorum or his questionable fashion sense.  In any case, Dr. Paul also talks about standing firm about policies he wants to see given attention, but also maintains that we don’t need to start any fistfights.

I agree with that 110%.  I don’t think anyone needs to start any fistfights, but I do think that anyone going to the convention better be ready to hold his/her ground.  I don’t think Paul supporters will have a hard time doing that, but we certainly don’t want to turn into wilting flowers now.  The people who are going to the convention have fought hard for their seats, and they deserve their voice.  Very rarely do I think violence solves anything, but I think a good, spirited debate is a healthy thing.

I’m still wrestling inside with the Pauls’ ideas about change from within the party, though.  Part of me believes that real change and new ideas will only come from outside the party, and then I think that must be where we belong.  But then again, another part of me concedes the idea that there doesn’t seem to be room for more than two parties in our current system.  With that being the sad truth of the matter, how does one realistically expect to make change happen from the outside?  Do we not end up just sounding like shrill outsiders with no chance for support from within?  It’s a confounding issue, and I know it’s not only a problem for me.  Do I stick with Paul and write him in come November, or do I go Libertarian and vote Johnson?  I respect Johnson very much as a man of character, and I respect his record and ideas, as well.  What to do, what to do…

I would certainly welcome others’ ideas about this particular predicament and what their plans are for the election season.  I’m still weighing my options, but I will say that I support Dr. Paul and his platform, and I most certainly support each and every Paul delegate who worked his/her butt off to get that spot on the convention floor.  And if Rick Santorum doesn’t like what you have to say, well, I’d consider that a compliment!

Wanna watch Ron and Rand back in action?  Check out the videos below, courtesy of Ron Paul Flix!

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