Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan

I’m sure many of you know that Alex Jones was invited onto the Piers Morgan Show to debate the Brit over his anti-gun stance.  Alex has started a petition to deport Piers, which I think is a bit ridiculous, all things considered.  I’m obviously pro-gun ownership, but there are better ways to get the message across than by screaming at people.

I enjoy Alex Jones for the entertainment value.  He has some valid points, and he seems to be committed the cause, but yelling in people’s faces isn’t usually the thing that changes their mind.  Rational debate backed up by cold, hard facts is far more likely to change minds, and even then, sometimes people just don’t want to listen.  There’s a great quote about open minds and a good many of them needing to be closed for repairs.

My gut reaction to this is that Alex was invited on to make the rest of us Second Amendment fighters look like utter nutcases.  There is nothing that those who would take our guns away would like better than to convince the public that we’re all dangerous whackjobs who shouldn’t be allowed to have a goldfish, let alone an AK-47.  Anyone who knows anything about the anti-establishment movements knows that Alex Jones is one of its most vocal spokesmen.  Unfortunately, Alex Jones often sounds like he’s a bit off the rails, and he could very well be, honestly.  I find his rants entertaining, but I don’t take everything he says seriously.  He has good guests from time to time, but his propensity to interrupt them, rant, rave, yell, and get off-topic don’t make him sound like an intellectual of any sort; they may him sound like a nutter who figured out how to operate radio broadcasting equipment.

In the eyes of the mainstream American public, this does the liberty movement no favors.  It discredits the lot of us, whether that’s a fair judgment to levy or not.  The fact is that people who don’t have gobs of time to research the liberty movement are going to think that most of us are unhinged, and that is not going to make people feel comfortable about the notion of us having guns.  Frankly, they will probably think that we’re the ones who run up in some public place and start shooting, even though that’s not the case.

Honestly, I’m sort of disappointed that Alex went on that show.  He knows how he is.  Did he really think that he was doing us any favors by getting up in Piers’ face and screaming at him?  It was painful to watch.  My husband and I had to turn it off.  I would really like someone to debate Piers Morgan on this issue, but I’d like it to be someone like Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, or Ben Swann – someone who can keep their s**t together, make valid points, and not make the lot of us sound like loonies.

As for deporting Piers Morgan, well, who cares?  Everyone in this country, citizen or no, is entitled to his/her opinion.  I think he’s completely wrong, but I don’t think that his opinions are a reason to send him packing back to Old Blighty.  Frankly, he’s just another socialist, anti-gun, pro-fiat money blowhard.  I know that calling him names doesn’t make me right, but the facts are out there.  Britain has five times the amount of violent crime per 100,000 people that the US does.  Lack of guns has not made England safe, believe me.  My husband is English, and he has plenty of gnarly stories about knife crime, chavs, kids on street corners beating up old people, and honor killings.  England is not a safe place, no matter what Piers says.

In any case, I really hope that next time someone from the liberty movement gets invited to speak on a national program, he/she makes a better showing than Alex Jones did.  I don’t necessarily think Alex is dumb, but he sure did play into the hands of anti-gun lobbyists on that one.  We need calm, collected, well read, intelligent folks in the public arena, not loose cannons who are more prone to name calling than straight talk.  I think it’s a valuable lesson to be learned for the rest of us, too.  If someone engages you in debate, or if you choose to engage someone else, for God’s sake, make an intelligent argument instead of just getting angry and losing it.  We aren’t winning any points by allowing emotions to overrun our rational minds.

“Conspiracy Theorists” Not Welcome on OWS Site

The OWS site has changed its moderation policies so that folks who listen to Alex Jones, David Icke, Lyndon Larouche, and others, as well as political campaign supporters – particularly Ron Paul 2012 supporters.  Anyone who posts anything about anything these guys say is subject to a global network ban now.  Seriously?

I will admit that I watch Alex Jones – not religiously, but I do enjoy him.  Not everything he says is correct, but he does put out good information, and he talks about things that the MSM won’t touch, and I appreciate that.  David Icke is kind of a nutter, frankly, but people have the right to listen to him, if they so desire.  I don’t know all that much about Larouche, although I’ve seen a few videos of his.  Honestly, I don’t really remember what he’s about.  But I do know that some of the so-called “conspiracies,” such as the Federal Reserve destroying the currency, aren’t really conspiracies, but they are true, from a financial standpoint.  Whether or not it’s a conspiracy, well, that’s another story.  The “conspiracy” that there is no real law mandating a personal income tax?  Not a conspiracy – it’s true.

Where am I going with this?  It seems silly to place a ban on information coming from certain sources.  I understand that the organization – and apparently there is some form of organization at the top, even if the street protestors seem helter-skelter – has the right to do whatever it wants with its own website, but in my opinion, they aren’t doing their supporters any favors by excluding certain topics from discussion.  There should be a discussion of the Fed and the role that government plays in the creation of this debt problem.  Injection of different ideas can be a healthy thing.

Also to be considered is that actions like this aren’t going to garner the movement any brownie points with “the other side” – the disaffected conservative element.  And there is a disaffected “conservative” element which includes Republicans, libertarians, and constitutionalists.  It seems foolhardy to actively attempt to splinter away from these people.  It seems foolish to ban certain ideas just because they’re “conservative.”  Not all conservative ideas are inherently “bad,” just as not all liberal ideas are inherently good.  Both sides have good points about some things.

Whatever the case, I think OWS is going to end up alienating people who would potentially like to take part.  They have the right to shut the door on these people, but it isn’t going to help the cause, nationally.  Also, if I’m being honest – or perhaps sounding like a conspiracy theorist – it seems like they’re trying to separate themselves from any conservative element, which is a quick way, frankly, to ensure that the movement never makes it past a certain stage of development.  If a large portion of the country views them as dirty, socialist hippies with no tolerance for any difference of opinion, they’ve already slit their own throats.  Either the movement has already been co-opted, or they’re just foolish.

If you want to take a look at OWS moderating policies, click here.

The Fed IS a Private Bank

I will admit that I occasionally read and watch Alex Jones.  A lot of people think he’s a nutter, and he certainly comes across that way a lot of the time.  He’s not always right – given the amount of material that they put out daily, it would be hard to be right about everything – but I do think he’s got the right idea on a lot of things, and I rather enjoy watching him make trouble.

Last weekend, he went on a little road trip around Texas taking aim at the Federal Reserve banks of Texas.  The Fed is a private bank, which seems to be more common knowledge now.  I even had a left-leaning friend of mine over the weekend admit that she’d finally checked up on my accusation that the Fed is private and found that I was right!  I was right about the federal income tax, too.  (It’s the small triumphs – let me toot my horn.  I’ve been waiting literally years for people to check up on me.)  Anyway, Alex was protesting down in San Antonio, and a private policeman came out and told them that they had to leave because the Fed property is private property.  Let me say it again: Federal Reserve Bank property is private property.  Although they receive tax money from us, it is NOT public property.

Alex made the video and, as per usual, he posted it to YouTube.  Apparently, the Federal Reserve has lodged a complaint with YouTube that this is a violation of their privacy and is going to attempt to either get the video removed or shut down the Alex Jones YouTube channel.  I guess they’ve finally had enough of his trouble-making.

Personally, I’m strongly in favor of auditing the Fed immediately, if not sooner.  I don’t think any entity that is receiving federal tax dollars has too many privacy rights.  The taxpayers have a right to know where their money is going – to whom it is going.  And until I see that $9 trillion that is still missing off the balance sheet, I have no trust and no love for the Fed.  Well… I didn’t have any love for them before, either.

Please check out the video.  We need to dispel the myth that the Fed is federal.  It’s about as federal as FedEx.  They are a private institution, and they survive on tax dollars.  Talk about a welfare recipient!

Also, please sign the petition to Audit the Fed.  There are currently 183 co-sponsors for HR 459 in the House, and 18 co-sponsors in the Senate.  Please help get this movement off the ground.  It is vitally important that we hold this institution accountable and find out where our money is going.

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