About the Lady

Hello!  I would like to extend a warm welcome to my humble little corner of the Internet!  I am the Lady Libertarian – believer in the philosophy of liberty, annoyed taxpayer, and occasional dispenser of snark.

I have identified myself as a libertarian for quite a long time.  I always knew that I valued my freedom and privacy over just about everything else, but I never really understand the mechanics of it all until somewhat recently.  As I have learned more and more about the nuts and bolts of classical liberalism, I have found it to be shockingly, well, liberating!  My greatest hope is that some of what I write will be thought-provoking, informative, and enjoyable for others, as well.

P.S. Comments and healthy, rigorous debate are always welcome.  Please try and keep it as polite and respectful as possible!  I know that’s tough when politics and core beliefs are involved, but good manners make society – and internet forums – a more pleasant place for us to live!

One Response to About the Lady

  1. I liked this piece a lot.

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