Gibson Guitar Raid Update

Back in August of last year, the US government raided the Gibson guitar factory, claiming that the guitar makers were in violation of the Lacey Act, which is a conservation code originally enacted to protect wildlife.  It has since been extended to protect plant life, as well.

The Feds stormed into the Gibson plant and confiscated over $500,000 worth of materials.  Why did this happen?  Was Gibson purchasing illegally-gotten rosewood from Madagascar or India?  Shockingly, the answer is no.  The wood in question was obtained from India, where it was gotten legally.  The government got irked over a measurement issue that had to do with how the wood was sanded down before it was shipped over here.  Translation: it was a labor problem and had nothing to do with conservation.

The Indian government has provided affidavits to Gibson saying that Gibson has done nothing wrong and satisfied all laws on their side.  No workers were mistreated or done over in the obtaining of this wood.  The US government (I would assume perhaps the customs office) has also given an affidavit stating something similar.  Simply put, Gibson has done nothing wrong.

The government still has not returned the confiscated materials and refuses to let Gibson fight the charges, which were never officially filed, in court.  To anyone who says that government is not force, I hold up this incident as a shining example of why government is force – and frequently not a benevolent one.

Check out the video summary, including statements from Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz.

Gibson Guitar Raid Update from Reason TV


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