Getting with the Times

Well, loyal readers, I have officially joined Twitter.  I’ll admit it – I’m skeptical about this move.  Part of me hates the idea of becoming one of the millions of “Twits.”  However, I am hoping to bring in more readers and subscribers to my humble little corner of the Web.  It will also be a good way for me to share articles that, while I find interesting, don’t necessarily garner a full post on the blog.

I’m just getting started, but do come find me, if you have a few minutes.  I will try and update at least once a day with an interesting news item or article that I find.  My username is: LadyLib1776.  See you out there in the big, scary Twittersphere!


About The Lady Libertarian
I am American, currently expatriated but hopeful about getting back home one of these days. Besides reading and writing about politics, I enjoy camping, sailing, canoeing, making pie, and traveling. I hope you'll enjoy this blog and find it informative and accessible.

One Response to Getting with the Times

  1. Beth says:

    I followed you! I’m totally a Twitter twit! haha I follow mostly celebs and random funny stuff- but I’m on there all the time. Don’t have a lot of followers, but I suppose I kind of like that- it’s my place where I vent, since I don’t want to do that on Facebook! haha

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