The Romney Book

I just stumbled across this bit of Republican campaign history.  This is the 2008 McCain campaign’s “Romney Book,” which includes a timeline of Mitt’s life, as well as his business and political careers.  It seems that it was created as a go-to book of highlights on Romney’s flip-flopping and business dealings.  I haven’t read through all of it yet, but for anyone considering a vote for Romney (probably nobody reading this site), this is a must-read.  Actually, it’s a must read if you’re considering debating a Romney supporter, too!

I’m attaching the file to this post as a PDF.  It’s exactly 200 pages in length, so it doesn’t exactly make for “light” reading, but so far, most of it has been done in bullet points, so it’s not particularly dense, either.  Happy RINO hunting, my fellow libertarians!

The Romney Book


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