Bloomberg Publishes Fed Bailout Data

Merry Christmas!!!  Bloomberg has just published the data acquired from the Federal Reserve concerning the recipients of the 2007-2009 bank bailouts.  Fox Business had to take the Federal Reserve to court to get this information (the suit alleged violation of the Freedom of Information Act), so this did not come without a fight.  That alone should tell us a lot about the Fed’s willingness to be transparent.  I am linking the original article in Bloomberg.  From there, you may download the whole of the information that is being made public.

The material will come in a ZIP file and includes an explanation from Bloomberg about how to read the (overwhelming pile) of Excel spreadsheets that accompanies the download.  I am also including this link to Bloomberg, which includes a graphic of the bailout that can be sorted by debt amount, industry (groups like McDonald’s and Toyota got bailouts, too, FYI), or by country.

This is vitally important information that needs to be spread as quickly as possible and to the maximum number of people.  I know that this website is not read by many people, so do us a favor and pass this around.  People need to know who got bailed out and to what extent.  I can’t stress enough how important it is for as many people, American and otherwise, to know about this information.

The list of bailed out parties includes but is not limited to:

JP Morgan (to the tune of almost $120 billion)
Bear Stearns
Deutsche Bank
Bavaria (the state)
Credite Suisse
Bank of America
Royal Bank of Scotland
American Express
BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke)
Bayerische Landesbank
Societe Generale
Chrysler Financial Corp.
Ford Motor Co.
Merrill Lynch
Shinhan Bank (That’s over here, where I am!)
Washington Mutual

The list goes on and on.  Not all banks received tremendous bailouts like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and others.  Some banks received relatively small  amounts, but the list is extremely extensive.  There are banks from Kansas City all the way to Sweden, China, and Argentina.  Quite a few German and French banks were on the receiving end of this wave of easy money, compared to other countries.

Looks like Christmas came right on time to the Lady Libertarian – a pile of incriminating documents courtesy of the Federal Reserve!  Now that calls for a little spiked eggnog to celebrate!


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I am American, currently expatriated but hopeful about getting back home one of these days. Besides reading and writing about politics, I enjoy camping, sailing, canoeing, making pie, and traveling. I hope you'll enjoy this blog and find it informative and accessible.

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