Run, Ron, Run!

Ron Paul’s campaign website has a new blog article up featuring several mainstream media articles on his strengthening position in the early states, such as Iowa.  The Paul campaign as thrown a lot of money into Iowa.  According to The Washington Post, which was quoting a Forbes poll, fully 67% of Iowa voters polled had been contacted by the Paul campaign.  Paul has been advertising since July, as well, so he’s had an early advantage.

I don’t know the Paul campaign’s real reason for starting so early, but I suspect it’s because they know one thing, if they know nothing else: Paul must win early to prove that he has even a snowball’s shot at the nomination.  The media, historically, has taken every opportunity to ignore him, and they’ve even created a few of their own.  It would be tough to downplay a victory in Iowa.  Or at least, I think that’s what they’re banking on.  At any rate, the Paul campaign is going to have to capitalize on the statistical tie for first and do his damnedest to come out ahead.  The first races are vital to the long-term survival of the campaign.

My final thought is that it’s good to see him getting some more press coverage!  It’s about bloody time!


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I am American, currently expatriated but hopeful about getting back home one of these days. Besides reading and writing about politics, I enjoy camping, sailing, canoeing, making pie, and traveling. I hope you'll enjoy this blog and find it informative and accessible.

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