Paulistinian and Proud

If you don’t care about Ron Paul, you may as well stop reading now.  I’m a “Paulistinian,” and I don’t care if anyone thinks that I’m a nutter whose vote is worthless.  I’m not, and it’s not.

I got off of work early tonight, and I decided to come home and look for something interesting about which I may write this evening, and of course Fox News never fails to disappoint.  I can almost always count on them to provide me something that either makes me chuckle, makes me angry, or makes me wonder if I lost IQ points by reading it.  My only exception for this rule, generally, is for Judge Napolitano, although frankly I don’t trust anyone who works for Faux News.

Anyway, I found this little gem as this top headline this evening (this morning for you in the US).  Apparently, Herman Cain is the man to beat now.  I was completely unaware that he’d won a straw poll, but I guess he did.  He walked away with the (unbeknownst to be me) coveted title of “Florida Straw Poll Champ.”  I don’t really follow Herman Cain much because, honestly, I couldn’t care less.  I thought that he answered articulately and somewhat engagingly in the last “debate,” but I’d never vote for him.  The notion that a man who was once chairman of a Federal Reserve branch might be an honest individual who is going to rein in the blowhards in Washington is laughable.  Would that it were funny.

You know what is even funnier?  Ron Paul (you knew it was coming) wins straw polls like they’re going out of style.  He won the CPAC straw poll, the California straw poll, the Republican Leadership Conference straw poll, and he statistically tied Michelle Bachmann in her home state of Iowa.  I could list more, but I won’t belabor the point.  How much media attention did any of these wins receive?  The media noticeably blacked him out after Iowa.  Good Lord, even Jon Stewart noticed and had to point it out!  IT’S NOT JUST THE RON PAUL SUPPORTERS WHO NOTICE IT!

It has become appallingly obvious that the media and the establishment are terrified of this man.  In the last debate – I hate to even call them debates, because they’re just showcases for the pre-selected establishment favorites to parade around like trained monkeys – Ron Paul received less than five minutes of speaking time, according to, with only Gary Johnson receiving less time. Once again, we can see that Fox News is the most slanted source.  Check out the article here.  Fortunately, CNN was far fairer with its time distribution, but it can hardly be said of any major news outlet that they give Ron Paul much airtime, in comparison with other candidates.

What really goads me about the situation is the blatant double-standard.  You can bet that if Rick Perry or Mitt Romney won a straw poll, the media would all but declare the primaries over and unnecessary, handing the nomination to the winner.  The headline for the Fox News article makes it quite obvious, to me, that they are desperate to prevent Ron Paul from becoming a top tier candidate, which he is quickly becoming.  If Ron Paul wins a straw poll, it’s because that’s all he can win.  Don’t for a second believe that he’s electable!  Oh no, he’s just a nutty old man with a loyal band of kooky followers.  It could never be because people are actually listening to and buying into the message.  People simply aren’t interested in freedom, peace, or prosperity.

I found another article in The New American, “Ron Paul and the ‘Conservative’ Media’s Double Standards,” which proved to be rather interesting.  The writer makes a great point, one which hadn’t especially crossed my mind before now: if Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination – and the media is bound and determined that he won’t – the Republican party will lose all of his supporters and, to my way of thinking, a large number of independents.  Ron Paul is far more popular among that much-courted group than any other Republican candidate.  In fact, if they and the Ron Paul supporters walk, we may as well hand the election to Obama.  Whether or not the media wants to admit, there are a lot of people who support Ron Paul, and that number is growing all the time.

Ron Paul supporters are not crazy.  We are not kooks.  Oh sure, there are likely some extremists in there, but it’s unfair to judge an entire group by a few members.  Isn’t that what we’re taught, not to judge a whole group based on the actions of a few?  The fact of the matter is that a good number of Paul supporters are well educated about Austrian economics, the US constitution, and the principles of liberty.  They will not vote or another candidate, because no other candidate can deliver what Ron Paul can: a solid voting record and a willingness to buck the norm.  I speak for myself and probably countless others when I say that if Dr. Paul doesn’t get the nomination, I will write in his name.  I will accept no substitute for true liberty.  There is no greater cause for which we might fight than our liberty.

I keep hoping that the media will stop this foolery, but I won’t hold my breath.  That means that it is up to the people to spread the message and to fight for their causes themselves.  You know, there is something inspiring about that idea in and of itself.  We do not need the mainstream media.  If even one more person can be brought to the light of truth and freedom, then we have succeeded, because that one person can turn around and spread the message to another, and another, and so on.  That is how we will win this fight.  We will not win it because the establishment is with us; they will be vehemently against us.  Rather, we will win it in the arena of ideas, and we will fight tooth and nail for every victory, no matter how big or small.  Let the ideological revolution begin.

Check out the New American article here.


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