Round One, Fight!

I was just scouring the news for any updates regarding the latest NBC News Republican primary debate, which took place on Wednesday evening.  I watched a few of the Ron Paul clips yesterday my time (I’m overseas, so I’m a little bit ahead of the folks at home), but I noticed today on, of all places,, which is one of my favorite snarky, extremely inappropriate celebrity gossip sites.  It’s not generally a place you would expect to see Republican presidential candidates, that’s for sure.

It’s not much of a secret that I’m strongly in favor of Ron Paul winning the Republican nomination and then kicking Obama’s butt.  I am realistic about his chances, but regardless of your level of agreement with the good doctor, you have to admit that he is a gentleman, he is intelligent, and he makes some extremely good points about an awful lot of things.  In my opinion, he is frankly the only real honest man among the entire group of presidential hopefuls.  He might be one of the only honest men in Washington.

Getting back to my original point, I was surprised to see this photo up all over various news outlets.  It looks like Governor Perry got a little hot under the collar about Dr. Paul’s recent campaign ad, “Trust,” which can be viewed here, at Paul’s campaign website.  Normally, Rep. Paul keeps things exceptionally cordial during debates.  He’s not exactly know for flying off the handle or even really making much of an attack towards his opponents.  I don’t think that’s his personal style.  Still, I’ve read by multiple commentators – most of them fans – over the years that say they think Ron Paul needs to toot his own horn a bit more and call people to the carpet on their voting records.  It seems that he and his campaign are following that advice, and things are suddenly turning a bit heated!

It seems fairly obvious from the photos, which were snapped during a time that the cameras weren’t rolling, that Perry wasn’t too happy about some of the remarks Paul has made concerning Perry’s political history.  Personally, I wouldn’t care much if Rick Perry was annoyed about having to hear the truth, but I’m no fan of the Guv.  In any case, one or several of the the things said must have drawn Perry’s ire, because he can be seen grabbing Dr. Paul’s wrist and pointing in his face.  There is an additional photo of John Huntsman standing between them which, in my mind, is far more intriguing.

Some of the Paul fans are calling it “assault,” which I think is a little bit strong.  I will agree that Perry is taking an aggressive posture, but it certainly doesn’t look like he’s going to hit Paul or anything like that.  The fact that Huntsman decided to step between them for some reason is, however, somewhat telling.  While I understand that politics often gets heated, it doesn’t seem professional or appropriate to come at a man who is: A. in his seventies, and; B. who, despite his propensity for telling the truth about issues and candidates, has never done so in a nasty way.  It seems the Guv may be having a hard time with “Texas straight talk.”

So far, the only commentary I’ve found on the side of the Paul camp seems to indicate that they think Perry is worried.  I think that’s plausible.  Perry’s camp claims that they were “discussing policy,” although I’m not quite sure I believe that one.  Perry doesn’t look happy in the pictures, and it seems like Paul was forced off of his podium.  I suppose the only people who will know for sure exactly what took place are Paul and Perry.  Still, I seriously doubt that they were discussing the merits of the various sports teams or inquiring after each others’ families.

One thing I will say is that things are getting interesting, and I will be anxious to see how this all plays out.  I’ll also be interested to see if this makes the evening news.  It seems like Internet and print media have gotten onto it.  Time will tell.

If you are interested, the Washington Times ran an article with the commentary from Perry’s camp.


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